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About Us

A personal note from our CEO:


SLP, INC is based on the core belief that individuals are entitled to be treated with reverence and respect while they are living and that their heirs and assets should be protected upon their death.

As a professional in death care, estate planning, and financial services industries, I have over 25 years of combined professional experience.

Personally, I have experienced what it means to have a parent go through a long term incapacity. I have experienced the death of both my parents, a nephew, a brother-in-law, a 17 year old son, and my husband of 33 years. I learned the hard way, what happens when the legal documents we depend on fail us, and how it feels to make business decisions while grieving.

I have been led by God to create a unique package bringing two areas of service together, encouraging action without the cost becoming prohibitive.

Our Spiritual Accountability series begins with a sermonic message.  We explore what scripture says about our worthiness to be protected and the responsibility we have to take action. We each are entitled to be treated with reverence and respect allowing our walk of obedience to be our testimony of Christ within us. After recognizing the “Spiritual Accountability” our program is accomplished through specific areas of pratical application.

First, the program begins with practical educational workshops conducted in churches. I want everyone I meet to have the opportunity to know there are documents that can be used to empower them to gain protection and maintain control even through incompetence or incapacity.

Second, I have coordinated with attorneys who specialize in estate planning. These attorneys are willing to reduce their fees and lock them, as a benefit to SLP, INC clients. This is made possible through participation in the educational courses and the pre-enrollment process.

Third, we teach the language used when making decisions regarding cemetery products and services. We also emphasis the significance of making final arrangements in a pre-need environment, enabling our clients to save thousands of dollars while protecting themselves and their families.

Three combined areas – education, legal documents prepared by attorneys who specialize in estate planning, and service – all for one low, locked fee. Our program enable our clients to stay protected and stay in control while being obedient to God.

There is only one final good bye to the physical presence of a loved one. We each have the responsibility, the obligation, the honor and privilege to leave behind a legacy which allows us to die the same way we live…protecting those we love.

We are excited to be able to offer our clients a comprehensive planning package through the cooperative effort of industry leaders and attorneys. This package enables members of our community to have  sophisticated planning in place; that is thousands of dollars less than could be received on their own.

I invite you to attend a meeting, host a meeting, or simply reach out for more information.

I welcome the opportunity for our team to earn your trust.

May God Bless you


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